Design, Development and Construction Process

The design, development and construction process begins when a client approaches our team at Trinity with preliminary drawings along with a broad specification detail. Immediately we take a professional approach and develop a secure price that the client is satisfied with, unlike other companies the price we give you is at the beginning of negotiations. Once the client is satisfied construction begins and the client can be assured our professional standard of time, quality and cost are honoured through to completion.

Trinity provides a large range of model offers, intense design outlays and innovative solutions for a professional outcome. This process is particularly ideal and cost effective when the client wishes to construct similar structures that are easily adaptable to a standard and efficient design brief.

There are a vast range of contracts in many different forms that Trinity has previously experienced, our team are very passionate about delivering the contract to its full potential, which is why we are continually recognized and praised by our clients for successful results.

Project Plans are formalised management schemes that are undertaken to ensure the proper consideration is given to every project, action is then taken to guarantee that our clients projects are completed with emphasis on time, cost, quality and safety. As risk is inherent in every aspect of the construction process, we must achieve optimum project delivery for our clients, thereby creating a clear understanding of the destination and how we will arrive there with minimum disruption. Our clients will remain informed throughout the entire process through the use of a concise plan showing the project outcomes.

Once a contract is formalised the following process and service features are set:

  • Delegation of a personal project manager
  • Definition of the issues and any outcomes that may affect the client
  • Implementation of a comprehensive analysis of the finished product
  • The undertaking of a risk assessment for all potential key risk areas that are foreseen on the project inclusive of but not limited to existing occupants, the community, pre-construction and construction.
  • Analysis of how the project will be completed; we consider if alternate construction methods are preferred or if efficiency can be improved while passing on the savings to the client.

Our team constantly monitor the outcome ensuring they are on schedule with plans. Our clients are consistently updated on any modifications that may be made to their project, and can easily maintain open communication with company directors for comprehensive answers to any questions.

Traditional Model

Trinity Advantage Model

The general design development and construct model varies from Trinity’s model; most businesses follow this model which gives you a price just as construction is about to commence. At Trinity, our price is given in the foundation stages of negotiation allowing our customer to have peace of mind with a secure price.