About Us

“All projects are skilfully planned, innovatively designed and have an exemplary level of craftsmanship

Located within the greater Sydney region, the team at Trinity have exceptional combined knowledge of the local area, creating a service based culture that is flexible in nature and fulfils the direct needs of clients. Trinity Constructions values outstanding workmanship and extraordinary service, with an aim to ensure all projects are completed on time and within budget, without compromising on quality. Trinity ensures all projects are skilfully planned, innovatively designed and always have an exemplary level of craftsmanship involved through all stages of the construction process.

The team at trinity thrive on three core business beliefs:

  • To always deliver and exceed at the highest level of construction through quality and innovation matching the clients budget
  • Build exceptional projects to ensure a lasting legacy for our clients;
  • Perseverance and determination will lead to lasting and ultimately beneficial relationships with our clients, employees and sub-contractors.

Our History

Trinity Constructions began trading in 1999 and incorporated as an exclusive business entity in 2001. The founding director, Anthony Azizi, comes from a family of credible builders, and had over a decade of experience in the industry prior to establishing Trinity Constructions. Today, Anthony remains hands on in the daily operations of the business. Anthony ensures there is an ongoing focus on the values of integrity, innovation, efficiency, consistency and quality in all facets of the business operations.


Our Promise

“A strong commitment to completing projects on time and within budget”

Trinity’s reputation has been built on design excellence, a high standard of documentation, effective and co-operative communication with clients and other consultants and a strong commitment to completing our projects on time and within a budget.

In all areas of the construction process Trinity will supply a total engineering, surveying, building, certification service and regulatory advice to our clients to ensure they are at the forefront of the project, if a specialised service is required, we engage with sub-contractors of the highest calibre to assist our team.